Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Our goal in all restoration projects is to have minimal impact upon the structure’s historic fabric. We ensure that the unique architectural and structural elements are maintained while also making sure they meet current codes and regulations, and are safe and functional for long-term viability. We understand the structural behavior of historic buildings and archaic building materials, and offer expert solutions to the unique and complex structural concerns. Linchpin has consulted on over 200 nationally registered historic structures.


Structural Rehabilitation

Linchpin specializes in structural rehabilitation of existing buildings. Our team thrives on finding solutions to the most difficult problems and has addressed issues such as failures, inadequate designs, and structural upgrades. We focus on cost-effective and detailed solutions to restore damaged or deteriorated structures to their original design capacity as well as meet all current codes and regulations.


Piers, Docks, Bridges

Linchpin has designed numerous piers and docks as well as pedestrian and vehicle bridges within the Tahoe region. We understand the design criteria and methods of construction to design buildable and reliable docks, piers, and bridges. Linchpin has also consulted on numerous existing piers, docks and bridges, providing guidance on maintenance vs replacement. Notable projects include the Bridgeport covered 210′ vehicle bridge, Elizabeth town pedestrian and bicycle trail bridge, and the reuse of historical Bay Bridge.