Structural Rehabilitation

Linchpin specializes in structural rehabilitation of existing buildings. Our team thrives on finding solutions to the most difficult problems and has addressed issues such as failures, inadequate designs, and structural upgrades. We focus on cost-effective and detailed solutions to restore damaged or deteriorated structures to their original design capacity as well as meet all current codes and regulations.


Seismic Evaluation

Our seismic evaluation services are designed to assess the potential for earthquake damage to a structure and recommend appropriate seismic upgrades. Our team has performed hundreds of seismic evaluations, most using modern performance based methods. Past evaluations include the Reno Gazette Journal Building (for the City of Reno’s new Public Service¬†Center), the Grand Sierra Casino, the El Centro affordable housing complex, the Woolworth Building, fire and utility stations, and many historic structures such as the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite.


Demolition and Shoring Design

We work closely with contractors to design safe and efficient demolition and shoring plans, taking into account site conditions and local codes to deliver solutions that are safe, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. Demolition consulting services include analyzing the existing structure to determine sequencing of deconstruction and ability to support demolition or deconstruction equipment loading. Shoring consulting is provided for structures that are being retained or structures that need supplementing for construction loading. Notable projects include the demolition of Sacramento Downtown Mall, and shoring commercial brick and concrete structures.


Piers, Docks, Bridges

Linchpin has designed numerous piers and docks as well as pedestrian and vehicle bridges within the Tahoe region. We understand the design criteria and methods of construction to design buildable and reliable docks, piers, and bridges. Linchpin has also consulted on numerous existing piers, docks and bridges, providing guidance on maintenance vs replacement. Notable projects include the Bridgeport covered 210′ vehicle bridge, Elizabeth town pedestrian and bicycle trail bridge, and the reuse of historical Bay Bridge.


Treehouse Engineering

Linchpin provides structural engineering design, consultation, and investigation for tree and pole mounted structures including Treehouses, Challenge Courses, and Ziplines. We can perform analysis of trees, as well as design and specify structures that will have minimal impact on the tree. We understand the unique challenges of designing and building in trees, including the need to balance safety, aesthetics, and environmental concerns. Notable projects include the Tahoe Challenge rope course, and stunning treehouses in Nicaragua, Santa Rosa, and Bodega.


Inspections & Consultation

We are able to offer our expertise by conducting inspections and providing consultation for due diligence, forensics, peer review, damage investigation, and more. We work closely with property owners, investors, and developers to provide comprehensive due diligence assessments and reports that evaluate structural integrity and compliance with local building codes and regulations, as well as identify potential risks and liabilities. We also work with attorneys, insurance companies, and agencies to provide unbiased and accurate assessments of structural damage and risk, forensic investigations, and expert witness testimony.