We have extensive structural engineering experience with educational institutions, including K-12 schools, universities, and student facilities. We understand the unique challenges of designing educational structures, including the need for flexibility, durability, and safety. Our engineers have considerable experience with the Division of State Architect (DSA). Notable educational projects in our portfolio include: McGarey, Dillard, and Banta elementary schools; Heron and Cold Springs middle school; Pioneer High School; Reynolds School of Journalism; UNR Molecular medical building; Bear River and Nevada Union High School Agricultural Shop and HVAC Modernization; Joe Crowley and TMCC Student Unions; UNR Peavine Hall Student Dormitory.


Public Structures

From fire stations, city and government buildings, pump  and utility stations, river crossings and stairs, to offsite SCADA centers, we can assist public agencies with their structural needs on many of their unusual structures. We are familiar with the public procurement process and can prepare detailed construction documents. Notable projects include the Nevada Agriculture Headquarters and Lab, Cold Springs Fire Station, Truckee Donner Public Utility District, and Stampede Dam.


Piers, Docks, Bridges

Linchpin has designed numerous piers and docks as well as pedestrian and vehicle bridges within the Tahoe region. We understand the design criteria and methods of construction to design buildable and reliable docks, piers, and bridges. Linchpin has also consulted on numerous existing piers, docks and bridges, providing guidance on maintenance vs replacement. Notable projects include the Bridgeport covered 210′ vehicle bridge, Elizabeth town pedestrian and bicycle trail bridge, and the reuse of historical Bay Bridge.